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All the people you want to see …

If you’ve read Peering into the Tunnel, I thought you might like to see some current pictures of the people mentioned there. Each one is either on my amazing prayer team or associated with a story in Peering, and most are from the book signing, which was great fun and successful!

Elaine: Emilie and Jesse’s Mom, Prayer Team

Madison: Give Blood not Plants

Paulette (Prayer Team), Stan and Zack, Christina’s family: Side by Side

Pat, Pop’s bride: That Sacred Week, Update

Greg and Randy: The Sons

Abigail and her girls: Doing the Hustle, A Letter from My Heart

Sara, Anna’s mom: When Someone is Missing

Greg and Randy: The Sons

Joy (left): Christmas Drear, Prayer Team

Trish: Christmas Drear, Prayer Team

Melany: Prayer Team

Nellie: Prayer Team
Molly: Prayer Team

I truly love each one of these people! I’ve gotten to know them well over the course of the last nine months or so, and some I’ve known for a long time. Every single one of them is a Warrior.

If you haven’t read Peering yet, it’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. If you have read the book, I would so appreciate a review on Amazon!

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