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About Angie


I started this blog a during a season-of-life change, when I was waging battle against living in the past and peering into the future. I am dedicated to living in the present, in the moment, because after all, it is in this moment that I find God. I can see Him in my yesterdays, and I trust His promises for my tomorrows, but He is right here, in the right now.

Even when right now hurts.

Often the subjects I approach here are painful. I believe that the hardest things are often shrouded in the darkness of misunderstanding, guilt, shame, and fear. I am committed to bringing the “real” into the light of the truth. The truth of the Bible, the truth of Who God IS, and the truth of who we are as our truest selves. I commit to you, my reader, to do my best to capture the people, places and things that deserve your attention.

Living all in,