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this messy monday

Today has been a scattered, disorderly day … not the sort of day I’m fond of.

I like lists, you see, and I’ve not crossed many things off my Monday List. Monday is the day I restore order – to my home, to my schedule. But there’s a load of laundry still sitting in the dryer, wrinkled I’m sure. I managed to get a few errands under my belt, but several were left undone because I just got tired. There are emails that need answering, dishes that need doing, a bed that needs making (the horror!). 

But here’s what I did instead, on this messy Monday. I hung out with my girl, and listened to the aches and pains that come along with 35 weeks of pregnancy, and the fear and joy and excitement that grows with her. I went to the library, got a few groceries, scratched behind my dog’s ears, and this.

Sat with her and generous friends, picking through clothes and hats and spoons and yes, shoes, for this baby soon to come. Orderly bins of clothing were turned to chaos and put back to order again, a little lighter. And the little boy will be covered in cuteness for months to come.

I’m finding myself often in a strange place where order and chaos are co-existing, and while I don’t much like it, I’m learning. That order sometimes crowds out the good kind of messy. And that chaos is do-able, at least for short periods, and sometimes it’s even good for me.

I don’t want to get too relaxed in chaos, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been really stuck in “order” for a good long time. 

For today, though, I found the middle, and it looked messy to my list-making self. But if the moments truly matter (and I believe they do), then today was well-spent, and I will save that list for tomorrow.

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