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Be Strong and Do the Work

“So take this seriously. The Lord has chosen you to build a Temple as His sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.” (1 Chronicles 28:10)

Be strong. Do the work. Take this seriously. I am chosen … *

A Father telling his child … it resonated with me so much. I’ve been wrestling with my Heavenly Father some lately, to be honest, and have finally settled down to hear Him in the matter of my next book. 

It’s called “Broken Open: Being Real in an ‘I’m Fine’ World” and it’s about vulnerability. How to be broken in safe relationships. And at the beginning of June I had the whole manuscript done. I set it aside on purpose, though, to spend time with the grands this summer. That precious time is over now, and I’m ready to move forward.

Except ….

Here’s what I sent my dear Prayer Team yesterday:

Ladies!! God never disappoints, is always on time, and is so merciful to send confirmation in the form of humans who love Him. 

So here’s what’s happened with Broken Open. As you know, I’ve felt unsettled about it, and I’m so glad I let it go dormant this summer. First of course it allowed me to focus on the kids. But I became more and more convinced I was making it too cut and dry. More analytical than conversational.

That’s not me. At least that’s not the me when I’m holding the Priestly Pen. 

So what then? Stories. That came pretty clear – I’m primarily a storyteller after all. I started planning different stories in my head to tell around the existing outline … but no. That wasn’t quite right either and I knew it. 

I prayed. I listened. And then I resisted. Because I believe God is telling me that it’s MY story that needs to be told in the context of being broken open, and the journey to vulnerability that came from the time we fostered to adopt the two kiddos. 

I asked a trusted friend to come help me tear down the manuscript and start over if necessary, all the while knowing that God is taking me somewhere uncomfortable. I can resist or obey. 

And that friend? TOTALLY 100% confirmed that I need to tell my story.

So what comes next? First a re-read of the manuscript I had all but finished, but with a fresh eye. Then screw up my courage and get ready to be as vulnerable as I’ve ever been. 

Pictures of our sweet kids from 2005.

I would so love your prayers as I embark on this telling of a story that’s been too painful to shine a light on for so long and for so many reasons. May I be faithful, strong and courageous!



*This verse is in the much larger context of David giving his son, Solomon, instructions to build God’s Temple. We must never pick and choose at Scripture, right? Context is so very important.

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