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this boy

Nine years ago. Mason Gregory. Born 10 days early, weighing in at 9 lbs 7 oz. BIG boy!

And here, just this weekend, celebrating his birthday, laughing SO BIG.

A simple little word, but so fitting for this lovely boy. He’s all in, all the time, for better or for worse.

He’s a complicated child, it’s true. But I know that God made him complicated, and sometimes that shows difficult, but mostly it shows amazing, and surprising, and awe-inspiring.

He is logical and analytical and asks questions – oh the questions! – that can be impossible to answer or seemingly inappropriate, and sometimes he seems rude, but all he really wants is information. He gathers it like a collection, reading encyclopedias and such, and his knowledge base is immense. Which sometimes can produce interesting and amusing statements in his quest to know more – more than he should, sometimes.

BIG. He makes me laugh hard, and often.

He sends me researching because he knows stuff that I don’t and I have to confirm it for myself. He’s almost always right. BIG.

He’ll never be a shrinking violet, even though he doesn’t like being the center of attention, but he is just a BIG presence wherever he is. You can’t help but notice him – if for no other reason than that he’s adorable!

(OK that might be the bias in me coming out, just a little, but come on, I’m right, yes?)

There is no way to capture this beautiful child in this post, and there’s no way to measure the depth of my love for him.

He delights me, and I cannot wait to see him move into tomorrow, next month, next year. Surprises await, I just know it. BIG surprises that will delight and amaze.

Til next time,


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